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    Dear NoMachine,

    I have windows client with NoMachine installed version 5.2.11 and I am trying to connect to ubuntu 16 with Nvidia installed and NoMachine version 5.2.11. If the monitor is attached to that ubuntu, everything is fine – Windows client can connect just fine. However when the monitor is unplugged, then Windows client unable to connect.

    I hunt for nxserver.log and this is what happens:

    2017-04-01 13:27:45 452.831  4522 NXSERVER WARNING! Cannot retrieve node socket for session D23AB1E8B864FB1D501907C5045A13F8.

    2017-04-01 13:27:50 674.246  4538 NXNODE   ERROR! Application terminated too early.

    2017-04-01 13:27:50 678.142  4522 NXSERVER ERROR! Sending error message ‘NX 501 ERROR: Session failed, application terminated prematurely.’



    your problem could be similar to the one reported here: Please check if the solutions reported there are feasible for you.

    Alternatively you could try to configure your xorg.conf to support the headless mode. After a quick search I found a couple of links (that I didn’t test):

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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