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    I have a setup wherein we have multiple VMs in a private subnet (AWS)

    All these VMs have NoMachine desktop installed and port 4000 of these VMs have reverse tunneled to different ports on a central server which is accessible to outside world.

    Eg, port 4000 of VM1 is tunneled with port 4001 of central server

    Port 4000 of VM2 is tunneled to port 4002 of central VM


    .. And so on.

    The central VM can be accessed by its hostname or IP. It uses a wildcard certified in AWS route53 for DNS resolution.

    The clients use this central server ip/hostname and their respective port in order to connect to their VM.

    What I want to achieve is that the users connect to same port of this central server, say port 443. In the hostname section, they will give different hostname. Like, etc.

    The central server then checks the domain that user has entered, and redirects traffic to desired VM.

    I believe such resolution thing is possible with Haproxy, but I’ve read NX protocol doesn’t support SNI headers.

    So want to get feedback if such thing is possible with NoMachine with NX protocol.


    Try one of the Cloud Server products. Cloud Server can be used as a gateway to broker connections to desktops/machines that are behind the cloud server (desktops can be physical or virtual machines), on the corporate network. You can find more here: It’s not just a gateway for your users, it also provides admins with a configuration and management interface accessible also from remote, including a web browser. You can add as many nodes as you want to any of the Cloud Server products through its admin interface. You can also use what we call “inverse add method”. This means that if a desktop node “moves” or is in DMZ, the node can be added to the Cloud Server from the node, of doing it from the cloud server, by going to Settings -> Server -> Clouds panel on the desktop node.

    If you are using the free edition of NoMachine, switch to Enterprise Desktop or Workstation. Enterprise family products can be added as nodes to a Cloud Server.

    See this guide which explains everything you need to know (I chose the Enterprise Cloud Server guide) The full list of guides is available here:

    Further resources:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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