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    Hello, I’m a web developer, not a server specialist, but I’ve had a dedicated server with Proxmox running for a year now. On one of the virtual machines I have Ubuntu with NoMachine. The people from Proxmox have always told me that I should close all outside ports and connect to the server only via tunneling, as it is the most secure option.

    At the moment, I’m connecting to NoMachine through port :4000, but I want to close this port and the others. I want to be able to connect to NoMachine only via localhost:4000 when an SSH tunneling is active. What is the best practice for this?



    Hi Zdbsk,

    if you prefer to just tunnel the SSH connection over the NX protocol, take a look at our article here:

    The following articles might also be of interest to you which outline what ports are used, why and how:

    NoMachine Security Statement

    Default ports used by NoMachine


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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