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    I use Synergy to share a mouse and kb with a Mac on the left, a dual-screen Win 10/1703 in the middle and a a Mint Linux on the right – works very nicely.

    Thought I’d take NoMachine for a ride (Windows Remote Desktop struggles with the Linux box for some reason) and with NoMachine installed all round it is quite amazing.

    Only problem is the mouse – obviously Synergy and NoMachine are competing for the mouse and it all gets a bit wild.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about NoMachine settings that would make it easier?    Anyway of telling NoMachine to just do the video and leave the mouse and kb to Synergy or something?   Any other ideas?

    Yep, I admit I’m just an old fart messing around and don’t really need NoMachine for productivity but the problem has got me interested and I just though I’d ask out of hackerish curiosity.

    Thanks for your thoughts

    Andrew in Cape Town


    Change this in <NoMachine install dir>/etc/server.cfg to 0 (view-only):


    # Set the interaction level for the session connected to the physical
    # desktop:
    # 0: View-only. The session is connected to the desktop in
    # view-only mode, i.e. the user can't interact with the
    # physical desktop.
    # 1: Restricted. User connected to the physical desktop can
    # interact with the desktop except for resize operations.
    # 2: Interactive. User connected to the physical desktop has
    # full interaction with the desktop.
    PhysicalDesktopMode 1

    Or check the related box in the NoMachine Preferences interface.


    That did it!  Many thanks Graywolf!

    NoMachine really is a stunning and utterly professional piece of software with extraordinary flexibility.

    Many many thanks!



    Thanks capecutterman! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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