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    Going crazy trying to secure my server.  I have NoMachine on a linux box behind a comcast router. I forward the port 4000 on the router to th linux box. Through the linux firewall I only allow port 4000 from a specific outside IP. However when I nmap from a different IP port 4000 is open and available for connections.


    Did anyone see anything like this?


    Thank you,



    If you want to take control over FW settings please disable automatic FW configuration by changing that key in server.cfg:

    # Enable the server to automatically configure the firewall for all

    # the configured services. On platforms that don’t support adding

    # the specific executables to a white list, the needed ports are

    # added at server startup and removed at server shutdown, or when,

    # at run-time, a new port is needed. The default value is 1.


    # 1: Enabled. NoMachine opens the required ports in the firewall.


    # 0: Disabled. Firewall must be configured manually. By default

    #    the required ports are TCP ports 4000 for NX, 4080 and 4443

    #    for HTTP and UDP ports in the range 4011-4999 range.


    #EnableFirewallConfiguration 1

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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