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    Currently using NoMachine Client free version 4.0.369_5 on a Windows7 machine (server 4.0.369_1 on a Lubuntu 13.10 machine).

    Apparently, when I close a session and reopen that very same session on my Windows7 machine, the windows settings (size and position) are not remembered.

    Once connected to the server, I first have to make the window bigger than needed by means of dragging the borders and then click the “folded paper” in the upper right corner of the app and finally selecting the 1:1 size before I get the correct window size.

    Is there no means to store this size so that I don’t have to repeat the above sequence over and over again after I started the client?

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    I’m annoyed by this behavior as well.

    How about a default setting regarding the aspect ratio for every new session?

    Or at least, a click on the 1:1 button should resize the window to show the entire desktop.


    We will evaluate how this can be improved. Thanks for your feedback.


    Very much agree, this is important!

    Please have the client remember the window size/position.

    Also, 1:1 is marginally good, but I wish there was also an option which adjusted the window size too, not just zoom in/out, as mentioned above.

    Could be named “clone remote dimensions”. So if remote window is 1600×1200, the local window would automatically resize to 1600×1200, and show the remote screen 1:1.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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