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    Maybe a stupid question: I’m using so far NoMachine as my solution to connect remotely to my office Windows workstation.

    Due to working on heavy computational tasks, I will test Azure machines (NVv4 powered from AMD GPU) with Windows OS due to the compatibility and transferability of my current sim model.

    There are other solutions able to setup in a click such kind of machine, but I like the idea to use a familiar Remote Desktop solution, I discovered some articles about how to use it on a Linux Azure machine, but nothing regarding a Windows one.

    Will work? Need I just to install it as I have done on my workstation? This will be the first time I use a public cloud server.


    NoMachine does work on Azure Windows OS machine.

    Basically procedure to install NoMachine is the same like you did on your local workstation.


    Thanks @fisherman

    Looking to create my first VM using Windows 10 Pro (needing this due the interactive graphics application I will use) I was requested to flag the fact I hold “an eligible Windows 10 licence with multi-tenant hosting rights”.

    Digging seems this is related to have a license including Windows Virtual Desktop service. I own a Microsoft 365 Business Plus license, that need to include WVD (reading in the docs).

    If I’m going to use NoMachine as remote desktop application, all of this is still relevant?

    Even if I tried to inform myself I still need to grasp most of the virtualization topics so it’s not very clear if in fact NoMachine isn’t using at all a specific remote desktop service.


    Hi davide445, NoMachine uses its own remote desktop service and doesn’t use Windows VD service. So you can install NoMachine on the remote Windows host, install it also on your connecting client and connec 🙂

    However, NoMachine cannot replace any licensing that you might require in order to host your chosen desktop and associated services in the Azure platform. You should check with MS what is required.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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