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    NoMachine is not able to detect the running X session that GDM is on, as this X session is owned by the root user. When logged into NoMachine as my standard user I only have the option to spawn virtual machines.

    However, when logged in as root (I enabled the option in the server.cfg) I can see the root owned X session and connect into it.

    I believe NoMachine is supposed to be intelligent enough to know what is or is not a login screen and expose the login screens to the standard user, and it appears that this is failing to happen.


    Any help?


    Since release version 6.0 there are some changes on who can see physical desktop, now it depends on NoMachine product. More info is available here:

    Which NoMachine product/version do you have?

    On Enterprise Desktop or free, all users should see login window or their own desktop. I expect that root user to see the login window session.

    On other versions they must be trusted users or administrators (‘system’ or ‘nomachine’).
    You can add them to trusted users with command:
    nxserver –useradd USERNAME –trusted


    I am using the NoMachine Workstation Evaluation version

    Ok you were right, adding my user to –trusted allowed me to see the GDM session

    Do I need to add each user to trusted manually for this to happen? Is there no way for me to set any user in the adm group to be automatically trusted?


    Possibility of access login window (gdm owner) for all users is currently only enabled on NoMachine Enterprise Desktop. On other products (Terminal Server range, for example) you must for every user the trusted option or create an ‘nx group’ (not system) which will be trusted and then add users to that group.

    For example,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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