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    I’m running 4.0.360 portal server on centos 6, and I can create sessions and reconnect to them using the nomachine client, but I can’t seem to do it using the web interface. Whenever I login to the web interface, it just creates a new Default session.

    I have done the following in server.cfg
    EnablePersistentSession all

    And this in portal.cfg
    EnableCreateFavorites 1

    There is a setting in portal.cfg below but I’m not really sure if this is why I can’t create a list of sessions through the web.
    SectionSession “Default connection”

    Thanks for any insights.


    Hi cperry,

    what do you need exactly to do? To connect by Portal Server to different servers? If yes, this article can be helpful:

    SectionSession “Default connection”

    allows to define the name of the connection as it will be displayed to users. In the same section you can also define the server host to which the Portal Server will connect. Just edit value set for the ServerHost key if you want to connect to a server different from localhost.


    I read through your article, thanks for the link. What we’d like to do, is the following:
    1) a user connects to the portal server, and creates their own desktop
    2) they then can reconnect to this session after disconnecting.

    This is what they have been doing with nx3, and it seems as though nx4 through the web interface does not preserver a users session after creating a desktop. Is it possible to have your session or gnome desktop that you create preserved?


    In the current implementation, web users cannot save their session configuration. However, when the user creates a new virtual desktop, disconnects from that web session (for example by closing the web page) and connects again, he/she should find the previous session listed in the list of available connections. Double click on it to re-open that session.

    The same should happen if the user closes the session by clicking on the Disconnect button from NoMachine menu -> Disconnect panel (ctrl+alt+0 or click on the page peel to open the menu) or by making system logout. If the user instead makes system shutdown the virtual virtual desktop session is terminate and cannot be re-opened later.


    Yes, this is what I find a little odd, is that by creating a session on through the web interface (it always says Default Connection) , I get a gnome desktop, open a text editor and type a word, then close my browser, and I can’t seem to connect again.

    I have attached server, node, and htd.cfg files if there’s anything you can think for me to change to make this behavior work for us.

    I wonder if this has something to do with me using an evaluation license. any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Is your Portal Server using the default configuration? I.e. Is it configured to connect to the server on the local host (ServerHost localhost is set in portal.cfg file) or to a different server machine?

    If Portal Server connects to the server on its host machine, you should be able to see the previous ‘Default Connection’ session listed among the available sessions when you connect again by web.

    If you don’t see it listed, it can be that some problems occurred. In this case it could be useful to see logs, namely nxserver.log from /usr/NX/var/log.

    Please set debug log level: edit /usr/NX/etc/server.cfg , /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg and /usr/NX/etc/portal.cfg

    uncomment and set the following key: SessionLogLevel 7.

    Then connect from the web, create the connection, close the browser. Connect again by web and get /usr/NX/var/log/nxserver.log

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    This is a standalone host.I did bump up the logs a few days ago, but don’t see anything too relevant. Here is how my portal.cfg is configured.
    To give you an idea of what’s going on, you can login and create a desktop here as my test user:
    user: nxtest
    pw: letmein12#$

    This is my portal.cfg file — the only thing I added was the http line.
    [root@rce-nx4-alpha log]# grep -A5 ServerHost /usr/NX/etc/portal.cfg
    ServerHost localhost
    ConnectionMethod NX http
    ConnectionPort 4000
    ServerPath /etc/NX/nxserver

    I really appreciate this. It’s the only thing holding us back from rolling this out beyond evaluation.


    I just tried to connect to your portal server and I notice that you are using 4.0.346 .
    You can’t see the available sessions list because there was a bug on that version.
    Please update to latest available version:

    Additionally please correct:
    ConnectionMethod NX http
    ConnectionMethod NX

    You can now remove the temoporary account you just created for test 🙂


    This works. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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