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    I was using the community edition.

    My server is a KDE neon virtualized over ESXi 6.7, and it was working fine. But I have multiple displays. For this reason, I tried workstation during a month. It was necessary a session for each display.

    I returned to the community. Uninstall Workstation and install community. After that, I have a very poor experience. Too slow refreshing the display, and passing keystrokes and mouse movements.

    This problem is on remote sessions (wan) and on local sessions (LAN) If I access to the machine with the VMware workstation as a console client the experience is as it was: not perfect but acceptable.

    What can I do to improve performance ?
    Thanks in advanced



    do you the latest version installed on both client and server? By “community” I assume you mean NoMachine Free Edition.

    What Linux distro is installed on the server? Is it with Wayland? If so, please see the following article which contains suggestions and tips for Wayland desktops running in VMs:

    Connecting to a Wayland-based desktop running in a Linux virtual machine

    Some further tips are also available here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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