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    I have installed NoMachine on my IMac (2011- High Sierra) to remote with my IpadPro (2017) and my android phone OnePlus6.

    Every devices are on my wifi box.

    I am unable to connect to the Imac : impossible to find  the path to the network or to the host ‘’ Maybe the address is incorrect or there is a problem on the network. Check your connexion and try again.

    I am a noob, it seems so easy to use on the youtube video.

    Could someone help me to configure correctly ? Or give me a link to an how-to article ?

    Thank you



    a useful guide to follow for connecting to machines on the same LAN is here To connect from a device to your Mac using its local IP address, both those devices must be on the same LAN.

    But let’s check that everything is configured correctly. On the Mac, open NoMachine > Server Settings > Ports, and make sure that the “Advertise this computer on the local network” box is enabled. In Server Status is the server showing as ‘running’?

    How are you connecting? Are you creating the connection manually or are you using an MDNS connection? By MDNS I’m referring to the computer icon with a little pipe that appears when you open the app on one of your mobile devices (scroll to the bottom of this guide for an example of what it looks like, t

    Could you firewall be blocking ports that NoMachine uses?


    Hello again,

    Finally I found the solution by myself 😉

    In “system setting” -> “privacy” ->”accessibility” on the right panel I have clicked on the “+” button that go to application folder and so I added NoMachine.

    Now I can remote the iMac on the local network.

    Hope it will help another noob ;))


    Ah so it was related to permissions not being correctly set for NoMachine during installation. Thanks for letting us know.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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