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    After installing NoMachine with yay booting process stops at some point. I can switch to different terminals using ctrl+alt+Fx keys but screen switching back very fast, so I’m unable to use these terminals.


    Try installing with Manjaro’s official installer, which is Pacman, and preferably using our official tar.gz packages from our website. Manjaro is a distribution we don’t support, but we tested on the fly and can’t reproduce your issue even with Yay What package did you use? There seems to be quite a lot of NX derivatives (which we can’t handle in these forums). We used “1 aur/nomachine 8.11.3-1 (+90 0.40)”

    Please also tell us the Desktop Environment. Is it GNOME? XFCE?
    Some tips are available at the above link.


    Hi. If I understand it correctly “official” repo for pacman doesn’t contain NoMachine, only AUR.

    I use xfce and I’m sure I used 1st option to install nomachine – nomachine 8.11.3-1. I was suggested to try a fix from Arch forums [removed] section 5.1 “alternative fix”, but I didn’t try it yet. Before I got that it is NoMachine breaks my boot process, I had installed Manjaro with NoMachine for 2 or 3 times. So for me it’s the reproducible problem) If I decide to install NoMachine again, I will test on virtual machine firstly.


    P.S. Also, I noticed that during NoMachine installation it shows something like “Using profile: Fedora”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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