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    Hi, I’ve been given the task to sketch down some requirements/recommendations before the company that i work for is gonna invest in a physical server that will run NX terminal server. It will run ubuntu 14.04 and possiblly 16.04 in the future. I was hoping someone had some experience to share when it came to graphics vendor’s and of course i am always happy for tips/tricks on the way. By default i feel nvidia has an advantage over AMD when it comes to drivers on linux x86 but this is based on my own history with the two and things change rapidly in this industry. So if someone got some specific graphic solutions and success stories i would be very happy to hear about it. To sum it up :

    – is Virtual GL working well with NX?

    – Nvidia over AMD or vice versa?

    – If so any specific cards that you know worked well in such a setup?

    I look forwards to reading your stories/suggestions

    Kind regards Tord


    Hi Tord,

    VirtualGL splits OpenGL rendering from other graphical operations and redirects it to the local X server. NoMachine does not interfere with this process, thus practically reducing to zero the possibility of an incompatibility between the two.

    According to the information in our possession, NoMachine users mainly use Nvidia cards, of different models, with satisfactory results.

    For more information we suggest to refer to the VirtualGL documentation, for example https://cdn.rawgit.com/VirtualGL/virtualgl/2.5.1/doc/index.html#hd004.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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