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    I have 3 different machines each running a different OS, mac,win,linux, and installed the latest NX on all three:


    The linux machine’s desktop seems to be inaccessible though; using nxclient, none of the machines (including from the linux machine itself)  can seem to bring up the linux machine’s desktop; after logging in, I get:

    <No available sessions on this server>

    The machine has an X server running (it’s my workstation). The machine is Scientific Linux 6 with an Xorg + FLWM window manager. Perhaps because I’m not running one of the default window managers (gnome, kde..) this is an issue?

    The error makes me wonder by what means is it trying to enumerate available sessions.. if I knew, I could perhaps help it find what it needs.

    (As an aside, the X server on this machine will allow other machines on the LAN to display X apps on it; ‘xhost +’ is enabled, and I can rsh to other machines, run X apps, and have them display on this machine’s server via the DISPLAY variable.)

    The nxserver.log is continuously scrolling this error every 5 seconds (and after a few days of running is now 5MB in size):

    10:01:07:414.646 NXNODE-4.0.369[15665] WARNING: Cookie not found at []
    10:01:07:416.929 NXSERVER-4.0.369[15584] WARNING: Line [1000:erco:0:scientific:desktop:session:6870:empty:] do not match regular expression.
    10:01:07:443.213 NXSERVER-4.0.369[15584] ERROR: An error occurred while parsing session line: Not local session found

    ..I’m led to wonder ‘where are you looking for the cookie you can’t find?’, ‘what files are you looking at and what regex are you using?’, ‘what session file are you parsing?’

    The nxerror.log has a continuously scrolling list of these messages once every 5 seconds, about 1MB in size:

    /usr/NX/bin/nxauth:  creating new authority file empty
    /usr/NX/bin/nxauth:  creating new authority file empty
    /usr/NX/bin/nxauth:  creating new authority file empty

    ..which appears to be a modified version of xauth? Not sure though what file it’s trying to create. Offhand it sounds like it can’t find the desktop user’s ~/.Xauthority, but this file does exist and is 600 perms. (I imagine it’s making a separate auth file just for the nxserver?)

    I’ve looked at other messages on the forum about these errors, but no solutions seem to work, as they all seemed to be about virtual X servers because they’re headless; I have an X server running.


    We are trying to support all possible distro/WM combinations, see this article for more information:


    We haven’t tested FLWM so far, so thanks for bringing this to our attention.  Can you tell us how you installed FLWM: did it come with Scientific Linux 6 or did you take from another source, for example by compiling from source code?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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