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    After running NoMachine for a while, basically only running xfce, system monitor, emacs and some terminal tool, I’ve run out of memory on my machine. Looking with top it looks like nxnode.bin is the main culprit.

    My nxnode.bin uses 8.5 GB virtual memory (and ~2 GB res memory).

    Is it possible to either debug (and fix the cause) or make it release memory? I want it for other uses.

    Server: Linux Ubuntu+xfce 12.0.4 LTE, NoMachine 4.0.370

    Client (if it matters): Windows 7 x64 NoMachine 4.0.370



    @bratell   In 4.1 we were seeing memory leaks and higher CPU with vp8, have you tried lightwight mode?  The server and client footprints appear greatly reduced and it’s running faster for us in our use case.


    To start, I suggest you upgrade to a more recent version. There have been a number of fixes since the 4.0.370.

    As of the 4.1 (and 4.2), we are not aware of any memory leak.


    I have run 4.2 for 10 days now and I think that the memory usage problem is gone. The processes use a few hundred MB, but that is still far from the multi-GB I saw before. On the other hand, 10 days may not be long enough to be certain.



    fra81: I want to ask about increased memory consumption in NX 4 for one session:


    In NX 3.5 it was:

    nxagent =~ 50Mb (RES)

    nxnode =~ 30Mb


    In NX 4:

    nxnode.bin =~ 130Mb (RES)

    nxnode.bin -H 6 =~ 60Mb

    nxclient.bin –monitor =~ 30Mb


    Could you give me some advice to decrease memory usage, please?

    P.S.: I tried lightweight mode, but memory usage is in the same level


    Sorry for the delay, it looks like I missed your post.

    There is no option for decreasing memory usage and those are expected values. Consider anyway that the nxnode.bin process in the new version includes the functionalities of both nxnode and nxagent processes of the old version.



    same issue for me.

    I am running Entreprise Server and many Terminal Server Node. Versions 4.2.24 for all of them.

    On Terminal Server nodes, I can see that after many days nxnode.bin for one user session is using more than 500MB. Knowing the user is doing nothing else than opening a terminal console to connect on other hosts, I can hardly understand why memory usage can get so high.

    Any idea ?



    Hi dhy,

    first of all I would suggest to upgrade to the most recent version (4.2.27).

    If you will still experience the same, can you please specify the version of the remote OS and the desktop manager (Gnome, KDE…)?

    Also the output from the ‘xrestop’ command run inside the session could be useful.


    Hi fra81,

    I will upgrade later on, as tests are running on the systems. I cannot upgrade without closing running NoMachine sessions…

    Servers are deployed on CentOS 6.5 x64., desktop manager is Gnome as provided on ISO for this release.

    Clients are on different OS, though most of them are Windows 7 Enterprise x64 SP1, I think ( hard to check … ).

    What info exactly are you looking for in xrestop output ?



    xrestop output was just intended to rule out an abnormal allocation of resources, but I have nothing specific in mind (pixmaps would be best candidate to look at though).

    While waiting for you to upgrade we will run more tests on that platform.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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