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    Hello, dear NoMachine!

    I noticed that nxserver –list doesn’t show sessions that runs on deleted node, but sessions still works and everything ok.




    Problem still exist in NoMachine Enterprise Server Evaluation_4.3.30_2_x86_64.rpm

    steps to reproduce:

    0. there is one enterprise server with one “localhost” node;

    1. add new node “”;

    2. start new virtual session on “”;

    3. “nxserver –list” shows running session on “”;

    4. nxserver –nodedel

    5. “nxserver –list” doesn’t show any session on “”, but session still works fine;


    The current behavior is that when a node is removed from nodes DB, all running sessions are preserved on the remote node. Since the node is removed from the nodes DB, its sessions are no longer listed by ‘nxserver –list’. If the node is re-added to the multi-node server, all sessions can be recovered.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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