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    I use nx on my MacBook Pro to connect to my Linux box to run IC design/layout software (Cadence) and display all the windows back onto my Mac (using XQuartz). I used to do this via SSH and it worked just fine, but the problem I had with that method was that if I disconnected my MacBook Pro from the network (e.g. to take it to a conference room) then all the software I was running on the linux box immediately blew up. I just love using nx because I can disconnect/reconnect the network and have all the originally displayed windows stay alive and show up again so I can keep on working :-). This is fantastic!

    I’ve confirmed the following bug only happens when I’m using the CAD tools via nx. While using the CAD tools, I can select an object and then press “q” on the keyboard to bring up a query window. If I dismiss the window I can *never* bring it up again by pressing “q” again. I have forever lost that functionality :-(. This does not happen when I connect manually via SSH and display all the windows that way.

    Just now I tried out the newly released 5.1.44 but the problem persists. I don’t think this is an XQuartz problem because the CAD tools work flawlessly when I’m connected via SSH. All that being said, I’m mostly a CAD tools user and not a linux/nx guru so my ability to debug this is constrained. However, I’m happy to provide any log files or run any experiments to debug this…


    It seems the same problem described in the following Trouble Report:

    We’re going to add a reference to the Cadence application. You can check the box to be notified when it will be closed.


    Many thanks for your reply – I agree that it looks like exactly that bug. Unfortunately, I work in Cadence all the time and have to go back to SSH until this is fixed. It is a little disconcerting (for me) that this was logged as a bug in November of last year and is marked with a minor priority – it completely undermines my ability to use NX until it’s fixed! I do, however, appreciate that it may not be so important to other people though…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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