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    Hi Tom,

    I understand that you have administrator rights on this computer and can install the software as a domain user? – Yes. I’m a local admin on my computer.
    Do you also have domain administrator rights? – No
    When you are at home, you log in to a domain or local account, e.g. computer-name\localusername? – I log in to domain


    Hi Robert,
    today I installed on VM Windows 10 Enterprise OS.
    I added it to existing Active Directory.
    I created a localadmins group in AD with rights to install software.
    I created a localadmin user and added it to the localadmins group.
    I logged into Windows 10 with the localadmin user and installed NoMachine 8.4.2 from
    After restarting Windows 10, I can connect to this desktop, I see the NoMachine icon in the tray.
    Everything works without a problem.

    Your problem seems to be related to your machine configuration or premissions in the GPO.
    You should discuss this issue with your company administrators.


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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