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    Just a quick background on my network, it’s setup as a dual WAN so both connects go into a Cisco RV042 router which in turn goes into my AC router.

    The modems provided by my ISPs are also modem/router combos but I do not have them in bridge mode (due to monitoring).  So, Modem has IP (192.168.0.*/192.168.4.*) which goes into my RV042 (192.168.2.*) which ends up at the AC router (192.168.1.*). Usually this hasn’t caused any problems but NoMachine is reporting the external addresses for my PCs as 192.168.2.* rather than the external IP.  Trying to connect to the external IP with port assigned by the client I get Error 138: Connection timed out. Everything works fine internally.

    I should note that port forwarding is working as everything under my AC router is forwarded up to the next router in the chain with the final destination in the AC router.

    Any tips on how to correct this issue?


    Your description indicates that you have double NAT networking. So NoMachine has to go through two routers. The first one which is facing the internet, and the second, which is on your local network (in your case RV042 with IP 192.168.2.*).

    In that case you need to set up separate port forwarding rules on each device. If you’re not in charge of these routers, you would need tocontact who is in order to open the necessary ports to get access to your network from outside. The easiest option is to wait for NoMachine Network which will eliminate this problem altogether. This is in its final stages.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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