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    • NoMachine Cloud Server 5.3.9, on CentOS 6
    • NoMachine Workstation 5.3.9 on CentOS 6, Xfce 4.8, virtual desktop only

    We’re getting reports of very different performance levels over the web at our customer’s office (bad performance) versus ours (reasonably good performance), with both offices close geographically to each other and our data centre (London, UK).  Over the web from Toronto, Canada we also see reasonably good performance.

    The customer has tried different browsers, and is seeing poor performance with all:  connections are made, and virtual desktop sessions are launched mostly, but too slowly for real use.

    Has anyone run into similar situations ?  I haven’t really starting probing the customer yet, I’m still looking for opening questions.

    I don’t have the webrtc feature enabled (I saw, and am using a pretty plain NoMachine configuration – a Cloud Server plus one Workstation node.

    This customer’s office is not new, but they’ve not been using any NoMachine-hosted applications until now, so I’m inclined to look to their side first for issues, but this is a new deployment for us as well (of v5.3.9), so I’m unsure.

    Thanks, Val


    Hi Val,

    I would start with checking the basics in order to narrow things down. How is the CPU usage on both client and server side, and how does the bad case compare to the good case? Did you try already to verify the bandwidth and latency actually available between the sites? Do the different sites use the same desktop environment (xfce 4.8 on CentOS 6) and applications?



    Hi fra81,

    I’d move CPU down on the list of potential culprits, as the same basic operations were done by two/three different users at the customer’s office–with similar results (we hear).

    The desktop environment & apps are the same for all users.

    As for network latency, I’d taken our reasonable performance between London and Toronto as an lower limit to what I’d expect between our London DC and the customer’s London office.  Bandwidth I hadn’t really considered though, I’d assumed it was enough, with YouTube and all … something to confirm though.

    Since I posted originally, our customer has engaged their IT support to investigate further, as they tried a session from outside their office’s network and saw the (good) performance they were expecting.  I haven’t received any feedback yet, but if they come back to us I’ll probably ask them for their workstation resources and internet bandwidth, maybe ask them to run some benchmarks.

    Thanks for the ideas, some good things to think about.  Its feeling less-and-less like a NoMachine issue.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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