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    Using NoMachine 4.0.360 client and server side, I’m seeing an offset in mouse position when the server has multiple monitors. Everything worked well with one monitor attached to the NX server. When the second monitor was added, the mouse position on the client side is further right than what the server side is reporting. For example, if you had a row of five buttons and put the mouse over the fourth button from the client view, it would actually click the second button on the server.

    Is there anyway to adjust nomachine to display only one monitor at a time instead of having it display both monitors as a single screen?


    Bug. The developers responsible for this will check it. Please tell me more about:

    – NoMachine product and version on local and remote machine (free version, Workstation, etc).
    – Whether the problem arises connecting to a physical or a virtual display.
    – Remote and local Linux version (Ubuntu xyz, Mint x.y, etc.).
    – Desktop version (GNOME. KDE, whatever).

    There is a plan ongoing to add better multi monitor support. For example by opening a different player window for each monitor, or, as you suggest, by letting users switch from one monitor to the other in a single window, by using a keystroke, similarly to Spaces in OS X.


    – It’s the free version of NoMachine
    – The problem is occurring with two physical displays
    – Remote and local are both Ubuntu 13.04 running kernel 3.5.0-41-generic
    – Gnome


    Having similar issue

    Nomachines server – running KDE 4.11 – Kubuntu 13.10

    I’m not having a mouse offset issue – I just want to be able to connect to one screen only.


    We have opened a Trouble Report for the mouse pointer problem:

    Mouse pointer can have a wrong offset when the session is displayed on multiple monitors

    Use this link to track its status and to know when it has been fixed. Feel free to start a new topic for separate issues to this one.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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