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    I’m using NX to display various windows back onto my Mac (running custom sessions in floating window mode that use the ‘X11 vector graphics mode’). Quite often I’ll perform an action that produces a dialog box, but that dialog box won’t be properly rendered e.g. many buttons will be missing from the dialog box and they only appear when I mouse over where they should be. Is this a bug I need to report or do I need to provide more information to help debug this. In case it helps, I’m running OS X 10.12.6 and NoMachine 6.3.6. Before using NX, I used to display all these windows via SSH and I never saw this issue.



    We are unable to reproduce this issue in our test labs. Could you tell us in which application you observed such problems? It would be great if you could also send a screenshot showing the issue.


    I am using the Cadence Virtuoso design suite running on my Linux box and displaying the windows back on my Mac. I have attached a screen recording of the issue.


    Hi Mick,

    unfortunately we weren’t able to reproduce this issue even with Virtuoso. Can you please provide more info:

    – What is Cadence Virtuoso version?

    – Do you have NoMachine version 6.3.6 on both sides?

    – Do you have the possibility to verify if the issue is reproducible when connecting from a different OS than Mac?

    – Does the issue occur also in a NoMachine virtual desktop?

    – Does the issue occur when opening a specific dialog or with any dialog?

    – If the issue occurs with a specific dialog or a specific sequence of actions, can you provide step-by-step instructions?

    – It would be nice to have a longer video that would show all the steps.


    User submitted updated information that version 6.7.6 fixed the issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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