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    How can I prevent that a user, which logs into a server where a user with the same login credentials is already logged in takes over the session of that user?

    The situation is

    • the setup requires an account which is used by several people with the same login
    • if the first user opens a NX session on the server, he starts working as usual
    • if another user connects with the same login (not knowing about the other logged in user), he immediately receives that running session without any warning
    • there is no window indicating “Resume, New, Cancel”, the session immediately gets connected


    I would like to

    • make sessions exclusive, only the first user can log in
    • all further login attempts with the same user name shall be denied with an error message until the first user logs out


    How can this be achieved?


    Are you connecting to NoMachine Server installed on Windows or Linux?


    The NX server runs on Linux, the clients connect on Windows machines.


    You can limit access to your system by adjusting PAM configruation –

    As a alternative you can implement a script executed by NoMachine server after successful authorization.
    Script can check who is already using NoMachine and return a error if there is already a session started by that user.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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