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    I’m very new to NX, tried to find in the docs and on forum but can’t spot the exact info.

    I’m using NoMachine free on headless Ubuntu. If I want to setup temporary access for another user to join me in a running session, is it possible with the free edition? If yes, can I setup a temporary virtual user/pass for him to connect like a VNC view only password?

    I do want the 2nd user to be able to control mouse and keyboard and I should be able to kick him out when work is done.




    Hi, the free edition of NoMachine allows one connection to the remote physical desktop. If you are sitting in front of your computer and working on it locally, another user will be able to connect to it from remote in view or interactive mode (you can decide in the moment they connect). If, on the other hand, you’d like to connect remotely to your computer (one connection), another user cannot access your desktop because it would be considered two connections. In that case, you need Enterprise Desktop for Linux which will connect multiple users to the same physical display or NoMachine Workstation which lets you run up to 4 virtual desktops on the same host (NoMachine virtual desktops) and lets multiple users connect to them.

    Differences between NoMachine Enterprise Desktop and the free to download NoMachine package

    Differences between NoMachine Free Edition for Linux and NoMachine Workstation for Linux

    In all of NoMachine products, the owner of the desktop decides if another user can connect in view-only or interactive mode is possible. You can also configure this in the NoMachine Server Settings of the computer you want to access. The guide here is useful for that:

    For a user to connect they will need account credentials on that computer i.e username and password.  With the release of version 8, in attended desktop scenarios (i.e you must authorise) it will be possible for users to connect to your desktop without requiring a system account. They will be able to connect temporarily using the Guest Desktop Sharing functionality. This doesn’t change anything in the connection count that I described above.

    More information about your question is also available here in the following topics:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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