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    Loving your app. But I have ran into a trouble configuring NoMachine to be able to connect to it from external networks. Over local network it works fine. I am using WR840N TP-link router, I can see uPnP being configured:

    4	NoMachine	4665	UDP	4665	Enabled
    5	NoMachine	24120	TCP	4000	Enabled
    6	NoMachine	24320	TCP	4000	Enabled

    but I can not see the public IP which I could connect to, any idea what could be the issue?

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    Hello Mantelis,

    You can get your public IP address:

    – if UPnP is enabled, by typing in CMD:  “C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\bin\nxserver.exe” –upnpstatus    (with the quotation marks)

    – from websites such as whatismyip[dot]com by example.

    – on the router page – it depends on the router.

    Could you please describe us exactly what problem you have? Is it only how to get the public IP address, or something else?


    Hello Bilbotine,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I will try first command and check what it gives in result.

    So to be more clear about the issue, I do not get the public IP which I could share to other people where they could connect to NoMachine from other networks, external networks, not local network. When you launch NoMachine there is a window on right side giving you connection end points which is your local IP for NoMachine server. I have done some research and found that in the same place it should show public IP as endpoint to connect NoMachine from external networks, but mine does not show one. It says that NoMachine tries to configure UPnP for external connection and this should appear if configuration is successful, but as stated that such endpoint does not appear I assume that there is a configuration failure at my end which I am having trouble to detect.

    To be straight forward: how do I connect to NoMachine from external network?

    Thank you in advance.


    So after various tests I am still unable to retrieve public IP into NoMachine Stats for a public connection.

    I’ve read this post and seems I might have the same issue.


    Did you try "C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\bin\nxserver.exe" --upnpstatus command? If you have enabled UPnP, it should show External IP and Port.

    There are instructions how to enable UPnP here:

    I’ve read this post and seems I might have the same issue.

    If you have double NAT networking, NoMachine has to go through two routers and you need to set up manually separate port forwarding rules on each device (

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