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    It seems that the new lightweight mode pleased a lot of customers, especially those running big numbers of Linux thin-clients and people that need to run NX over a modem connection. This is good news since this lightweight mode has been put together in just two weeks and certainly we didn’t have the time to test it on all possible desktop environments and configurations. Unfortunately there are also some graphical glitches (some render operations that are not correctly handled) and some users reported a greater CPU load of the X server compared to the old version 3. The latter problem has been already found and is going to be fixed by a software update we will release tomorrow.

    Not only that…

    Working on this CPU problem we found another similar that may have affected all users running the 4 version when connecting to a 3 server. This was not specific to the 4.1, so it appears to have affected all users of the 4 since probably some later Beta. Also this is solved. Good often comes from bad.

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