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    Server: NoMachine free version 6.2.4 running on headless CentOS 7 VM (VMWare)

    Client: NoMachine macOS client 6.2.4

    NoMachine correctly presents the client’s speakers and microphone as pulseaudio sinks and sources on the server. However, from time to time, the NoMachine sources and sinks mysteriously disappear. I do not see anything in nxserver.log even after increasing the log level to 7. No messages in syslog from pulseaudio either.

    Is there a way to get NoMachine to recreate the pulseaudio sources and sinks for the client microphone and speakers without restarting?

    If I restart the server (via /usr/NX/bin/nxserver --restart) then the sources and sinks get recreated. I want to avoid the restart.



    Did sinks and sources disappear when NoMachine audio features were turned on? Did you switch their state a few times before, what were the steps to reproduce the behaviour? Can you send us output of pactl list sinks and pactl list sources after this happened?


    Now I am completely unable to get the microphone working. Earlier I was able to do that by remapping the source nx_voice_out.monitor via:

    pactl load-module module-remap-source master=nx_voice_out.monitor source_name=Microphone
    pactl set-default-source Microphone

    As to the sources disappearing. I don’t have a recipe for reproducing it. I am not killing pulseaudio, which does make them disappear. I’m not doing anything other than remapping as above. I will post the outputs you ask for immediately that the disappearance happens next.


    Hi, we were able to reproduce the problem and have opened a Trouble Report which you can find here:

    Please use the ‘notify me’ tool to know when a patch has been released.


    Now I’m the state where the NoMachine sources and sinks have all completely disappeared, even though audio features are turned on.

    Attaching output of pactl list sinks and pactl list sources.

    pacmd list-sources and pacmd list-sinks show “Monitor of Dummy Output” and “Dummy Output”.

    In verifying the fix for this issue, can you test that is able to find the microphone?


    This situation is related to crash of PulseAudio that has been caused by unloading of some modules manually. For example unloading of module-suspend-on-idle. These causes NoMachine to lose sink and sources.

    If this situation happened and you’re not able to use microphone properly try to kill PulseAudio pulseaudio -k that will restore automatically and then restart NoMachine’s server /usr/NX/bin/nxserver --restart which will recreate new sinks and sources.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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