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    I downloaded the latest (free) 5.x version for Windows and Linux. Using Win 7 and Raspberry Pi 2 with Ubuntu Mate.

    I really like the program but it is a real CPU hog. I had been using tightvnc and x11vnc server and that requires little CPU but of course was not quite as nice to use as NoMachine. NoMachine runs but the load averages are up around 2-3 most of the time.

    I also tried it on an Odroid C1 with Lubuntu and it was unusable due to memory usage. Load averages way up there in double digits

    I guess it is too much to expect it to work on these less capable CPU’s but it would be nice if it could. Have you done any testing on the small boards? Is there anything one can do to improve the performance?



    Yes, the packages have been tested, and Ubuntu MATE for Raspberry Pi is not, generally speaking, well optimized. It seems heavy and slow, the load average on this system for 15 minutes period indicates 2.33 cpu utilization without NoMachine even installed and the system being idle! (maybe except for using htop).

    We have published results of what works best. You can see them here:

    Right now, until MATE is optimized to run more efficiently, changing the system you are using for something more likely to work with much lesser CPU loads (e.g Raspbian when running NoMachine Client indicates about 1.7 average cpu utilization) is the best way forward.

    We are investigating ways to allow NoMachine to install on all devices and their OS flavours. As more are added, we’ll update the notes. As for the Odroid c1, it’s on our to-do list of devices to test.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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