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    Hello guys,

    I’m facing an issue which I’m not sure how to resolve.

    right now we have 3 nodes of nx

    nx01, nx02, nx03 where nx02 is the holder of the other nodes

    problem is, the redundancy doesn’t work as great as expected.

    I was talking with a user which started a Virtual Desktop on nx2 which happens to be crowded by the information below

    after doing: –terminate to his desktop, I was expecting that when he starts a new one, it will be created on nx3 which is obviously more free in terms of virtual desktops

    I obviously couldn’t use nx3 in the host as it says its a part of a multi-node system


    # /etc/NX/nxserver –list | grep -wc localhost


    # /etc/NX/nxserver –list | grep -wc nx01


    # /etc/NX/nxserver –list | grep -wc nx03




    please advise,


    Best regards,




    Hello gau,
    By default, ETS is selecting the session node using a round-robin algorithm. We are creating a list of available nodes and following this list when creating the session for the user. If for some reason we cannot create a session on the first node on the list we go to the next one.
    Please check that all users have an account on all available nodes and that session selected by the user is available everywhere.

    You could also change selecting algorism to ‘load-average’ or ‘system-load’ by specifying them in LoadBalancingAlgorithm key
    in server.cfg on ETS.

    If you want to simply avoid creating a new session on the localhost please consider stopping local node (nxserver –nodestop localhost:4000). It will allow users to restore sessions but it will remove localhost from available pools of nodes.


    what ETS stands for ?

    I’ve checked nx02 which holds the other nodes

    and LoadBalacingAlogrithm is set to load-average


    I’m not sure how to check the part that all users have an account on all avaiable nodes and that session selected is available everywhere – if I started a new virtual desktop and it started on nx03, it will stay there till termination or reboot






    Hello gau,
    ETS stands for Enterprise Terminal Server, it is the package installed on nx02.

    ‘load-average’ will prioritize nodes with the lowest current CPU usage.
    It will not guarantee even session distribution.

    I’m not sure how to check the part that all users have an account on all available nodes

    You should check if every user that login on nx02 has a system account on nx01 and nx03.

    session selected is available everywhere

    You should check available nodes resources nxserver --nodelist --resource
    and compare it to AvailableSessionTypes key in server.cfg on nx02.
    Make sure that session types requested by users are available on every node.
    You could check session types for the already created session with the command: nxsever --history.



    thanks for replying again

    I did a –nodelist –resource :

    localhost:4000 NX             running yes    yes

    nx-srv01:4000                                                                   unix-application,physical-desktop,



    nx-srv03:4000  NX             running yes    yes                   unix-remote,unix-console,unix-default,





    almost the same

    I’ve also set ConnectionsLimit to 80

    and VirtualDesktopsLimit to 80

    VirtualDesktopsUserLimit 1


    and I still get notified for 100+ connections on nx-srv03

    I’m a bit lost and not sure what could I change without destroying any active session



    If you are using Enterprise Terminal Server with Terminal Server Nodes, you should contact support if you are a customer. They will be able to advise appropriately and take a proper look at your configuration, something which is outside the scope of these forums.

    If you haven’t already done so, please also look at the load-balancing configuration suggestions in the ETS guide:

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