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    I’d like to report a regression in responsiveness associated with the NoMachine update that was pushed in mid December 2017.

    Fall 2017 (both client and server using same -then -up-to-date version) — highly responsive

    After mid-December 2017 (both client and server using 6.0.78) – very laggy, (up to one second lag between keypress and appearance)

    February 2018 (client using 6.0.78, server using resurrected install of 5.2.21)  – highly responsive again

    In summary, something happened mid-December to the server that resulted in a serious performance regression.

    The server is behind a firewall accessed with an institutional VPN. In all cases noted above the same VPN was used.  There were no other changes to source or destination networks, hardware, or software.  Client is using Windows 10, server Windows 7.  Free version of No Machine in all cases.  Connections are to a physical multimonitor workstation server.

    Presumably other users are not noting this serious regression–could it have something to do with the way packets are produced in more recent versions of NoMachine causing my institutional VPN to inspect them more carefully and creating lag?  (Just one hypothesis)

    I should note that the regression occurred in multiple updates post-mid-December 2017, and persists in the most recent 6.0.78.

    Thanks for your attention to this.




    Hi, we are not aware of any performance regression on version 6. It’s strange because many of our customers have reported that they have seen improvements in a number of areas.

    Since this seems to be affecting your specific set-up, what I suggest you do is enable logs for the two different scenarios and connect to the remote host. You should connect from v6 to v5 which is not experiencing lag in your set-up and extract the logs. Then update to version 6. You should replicate the lag when connecting from v6 to v6, and grab the logs.

    Send both to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com making sure you reference your topic.

    Instructions for enabling logs are here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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