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    I’m new to NoMachine and I must say first of all that it works amazingly well. I’ve tried many many remote desktop products for years and in my experience nothing comes even close in terms of performance to NoMachine . It’s as close as it gets to sitting in from on the remote device’s own screen. Congrats!

    My only grip with it is that when connecting with the Windows client to the macOS server, the Option and Command keys are mapped to the Alt and Win key respectively in the PC keyboard, and this is not configurable anywhere. For me the muscle memory is more important than the labels in the keys, so having the Alt key mapped to the Cmd key makes more sense because they are physically positioned in the same place.

    I’ve tried to remap these with the macOS built-in key mapping (Settings -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys) and with third-party software like Karabiner Elements, but unfortunately nothing worked. The key presses sent via NoMachine somehow do not seem to honor those mappings at all.

    Would it be possible for the NoMachine client and/or server app to offer an option to remap those keys? That’d really make it a 10/10 remote desktop app!



    we already have a Feature Request for it You can sign up to receive notification when it is added. That said, if you want to workaround this, you will need to remap keys on the client side. We send modifiers directly to the system so remapping keys on server side won’t affect NoMachine input.


    I’ve signed up for a notification on the FR, though I guess I don’t have high hopes seeing that it was created in 2015…

    Silly me, I didn’t realize I could also remap the keys on the client side, doh! AutoHotkey to the rescue then 🙂 Thank you!


    I guess I don’t have high hopes seeing that it was created in 2015

    Work is actually being completed on this right now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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