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    We need to configure NoMachine so that a non-admin user (always the same one) can connect to a Windows server running NoMachine no matter what the log in state is on the server. In other words, if an administrator is signed on and active, or an admin is signed on and at a locked screen, or if there are multiple users signed on to the server of varying degrees of access. If the user account is authorized for remote access we need it to let the account make the connection.

    A simpler way of stating this is.. we need remote access permissions to be separate from user permissions on the server. They should be the same only in the aspect that username and password are the same, but no other ties between them. If a user is allowed remote access, we need it to function regardless of the user account signed in to windows.


    Firstly, to ensure that NoMachine users can connect to the remote desktop, they need to have a system account. If the screen is locked (so showing the local log in page), the user will be able to connect. If there is someone already logged in, the user will connect and see the screen in use.

    If you want that some users could have possibility to connect without permission of desktop owner you can sign them as “trusted”. To do that open command-line as administrator. Navigate to bin folder in the installation directory (on Windows in default there is: c:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\) and execute command for every user you want:
    nxserver --useradd <enter_username_here> --trusted physical.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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