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    Coming over from TV, IMHO  NoMachine isn’t as plug and play for access across the internet.  All my PC’s sit behind a router with local addresses (192.168.*.*) so when I’m on the road, how do I initiate a connection since no one is available to access the “nx address” on the targeted PC.  Does this require port forwarding? If so, any guide to how to configure that for multiple PC’s behind the router?

    I’ve poked around a bit in the manual and the forums, but I didn’t find a direct/concise answer.  Testing this at home is a challenge, so it’s hard to know if my test path (laptop to iPHONE hotspot = new IP address @ 170.127.*.* so I assumed I was now remote from my network) led to the timeout.  This is the current version downloaded today (8/1).  Wish I could find the actual version # in the app  (Windows 10)


    Please refer If your router support UPnP you can use this option to connect over internet. In the article you have instruction how to enable UPnP in the NoMachine server.

    Check also – section: Using NoMachine for remote access to a computer over the internet.

    If you want forward port manually you should pass traffic to port 4000 (NX protocol), 22 (SSH protocol on Linux/MacOSX) or (4022) (SSH protocol on Windows). Follow your router instruction to know how to do that (guide you can also find in the internet, for example from there:

    If those options are not possible, what you need is NoMachine Network ( which is coming soon.

    Edit: You can check the NoMachine version by going to the section Updates Panel in the Preferences section

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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