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    Hi, I am pretty new to the NoMachine, and I was setting up a remote control
    on the Intel NUC (BNUC11TNHV50000).

    NUC runs debian 11, up to date, 5.10 kernel.

    I faced the “black screen upon connection” problem when connected to NUC in headless mode.
    I found the article how to solve it:

    First try was with X virtual framebuffer. Picture was not really sharp and clear, and it was laggy.

    Second try was with Xorg dummy driver. I used this article for it:

    Picture is fine, but it has pretty slow response. When I drag window i see artifacts, it lagging.

    Could somebody tell, is there any chance to make NoMachine producing picture like on real monitor, without lags?

    I have tested my network with iperf3 and it shows me ~950Mbt/sec (direct ethernet connection).
    So network cannot be a problem.
    NUC has 64GB Ram, NVME drive, and 4GHz CPU core i5.

    The one thing I am assuming right now is the driver defined in xorg.conf.
    According to the article it should be Driver “dummy”, and not “intel”.

    Currently I am thinking that dummy driver does not provide any graphical acceleration,
    and that is the reason of lags. I have Iris Xe Graphics, yes, it is low end, but it should be able to handle this kind of tasks.
    As for now it looks like NoMachine server does not use any acceleration. (By the way, how can I check that? )

    So the question is: did anybody had a setup where remote view works the same as monitor?
    no lags, no glitches, the native experience. I am it is not possible even in theory?



    Hi hexwit,

    on a headless system, it’s very likely that the GPU is not functional and so no acceleration is available, but that doesn’t always mean that performance can’t be acceptable. What you have seems a system configuration issue, that it’s not easy to pinpoint. As I understand you tried option 2 of What about option 3 of the article instead? Did you give it a try? With that option NoMachine will create its own virtual display, that would be less dependent from the system configuration.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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