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    Found no documentation on how to use this mode, maybe it’s already possible….
    As for the moment its not possible to drag or resize windows or to scroll.

    My idea is to split the touch input area vertical, changeable for right/left hand use. For further explanation, we going to call the right touch zone “movement zone” and the left touch zone “action trigger zone”. The “action trigger zone” can be also be splitted  but this time horizontal. The upper “action trigger zone” can be used to trigger the scroll function. The lower “action trigger zone” can trigger holded (click).

    This should improve the mouse pointer mode so that finer controls are possible.

    Another request: possibility to place the sidebar on top or any other side you want it. Or even better to hide it and recover it by swiping into the screen.

    Thanks for the great application anyway 😉

    Have a nice day


    You can enable the drag mode by using the double tap and hold gesture. This information was not added to the gestures tutorial, we’ll solve this glitch in the next release. We’re improving the pointer mode in many ways (e.g. centering the cursor, automatic viewport scrolling) so we’ll also evaluate your suggestions as possible further improvements.

    As for the sidebar, we’re currently working on the possibility to drag&move the bar and you can expect to see it soon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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