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    This is just a heads-up, I discovered recently:

    Have recently started using NoMachine:

    Server: Dell 9020/8GB RAM/Ubuntu 22.04/NoMachine 7.9.2

    Client: Dell 9020/16GB RAM/Tumbleweed/NoMachine 7.9.2

    Connected to server, and display was a bit small, so I just scaled it ie clicked the corner, and dragged down/out.
    Disconnected, and next time I physically checked the server, resolution was oversize – couldn’t see the edges etc.
    Didn’t matter what I did, wouldn’t fix – log out/in, reboot, shutdown/restart etc.

    Finally discovered that NM had actually changed the refresh rate to 64hz – changed back to 60hz, and all was fine…




    NoMachine doesn’t change the refresh rate explicitly, it just chooses a different resolution among the ones made available by the system in order to fit the size of the NoMachine player window. This is only done if you have the ‘Resize remote display’ option set, which I assume is your case, otherwise no change should occur on the remote system.

    It would be interesting to know the system configuration at the time the problem is reproduced. Could you try to reproduce again, run the ‘xrandr -q’ command on the server and show us the output?


    Will try and replicate when I get the chance.

    Yes, have since changed the settings just to “Window” (or whatever), where it shows the scroll bars…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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