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    So I have a KVM based virtual machine guest running linux.  The KVM Host uses [removed] to access the guest.  I have enabled blank screen in the NoMachine server config in the guest vm, however the screen does not blank for the [removed] connection from the KVM host.

    The mouse and keyboard are disabled in the [removed] connection, but anyone with [removed] access from the host could still see what’s happening on the screen.

    Wondering if there is a simple way to blank the virtual (removed) display.



    Hi, if I understand correctly, when you connect with nx, the other users who connect with the [alternative tool) see a blank screen. Is that right? (Just so you understand why the name has been removed, we don’t publish other brands’ names as a policy of the forum 🙂 )

    Screen blanking is not supported for VMs, you can read more about this in the following article

    – For virtual hosts
    Screen blanking is available for physical hosts, it is not supported on virtual machines since it has effect on the physical monitor.


    Hi Britgirl, thanks for the update and I totally understand the policy, sorry about that, guess I should have read the rules before posting…

    Thank you!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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