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    Currently both PCs are running on Windows 10 connect through ethernet cable. Everything works fine they both see each other and able to connect to each other fine. However lets say when A connects to B and B’s monitor is off, I was still able to connect, but the screen is frozen. Is it possible to work with the monitor turned off?

    Also a side note is that there’s no audio device connected to computer B, ie no speaker, no headphones, or any other audio output devices. Let’s say I play music, in the volume mixer it shows there’s music, but I don’t hear anything from computer A’s end when it’s connected to computer B.

    Any way to make both visual and audio work without the monitor being on and speakers plugged in?


    Thanks in advance.



    recent Windows versions have an optimization that disables rendering when the monitor is turned off, and this doesn’t depend on NoMachine. You can try to add the following option to the ‘C:\Program Files\NoMachine\etc\node.cfg’ file, even though I’m not sure it will work if the monitor is turned off by the power button:

    DisplayServerExtraOptions "-displayrequired 1"

    You may also try to change the screen capture method in NoMachine by specifying the following option (the two options can also be concatenated):

    DisplayServerExtraOptions "-nodxgigrab"

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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