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    I’ve noticed that the screen shot captured by NX is taken directly from the client video buffer (or at least appears to be, it has the same quality level as that displayed). Given the screen shot is a static image, is there some way to obtain a full resolution image from the server ? I’ve tried upping the video quality and while it is better than the defaults I am still having difficulty seeing fine lines that are smeared out by the video compression.

    If full res uncompressed screen shots are not available at the moment it seems like it would be a useful feature to add, something like hook the screen shot button to a request to the server for a single image, using non-lossy compression if necessary.

    … Niall


    Hi Niall.

    You already did the best you could do to take a pixel-perfect screenshot, by raising the video quality settings. You may use a remote tool to take the screenshot and transfer it on the client with NoMachine.

    We appreciate your suggestion and to track it, we’ve opened a new Feature Request:

    Having a high-quality screen capture of the remote desktop independently from session configurations

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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