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    I have the day looking for an Enterprise Server installation. But unfortunately no version is found, which only includes the server. I do not want to install on the servers the additional client. How can adjust (disable) in the “server.cfg I now know that the “Browse connection, New connection” does not appear. The white board I bring hidden. I found an installation for MS Windows without server. However, unfortunately not for Linux, without client. My installation. NoMachine Terminal Server Subscription – version 4.1.29.

    Can anyone help me?
    Thank you


    Hi, all our server products contain the connection GUI (client). A separate client package is available, “Enterprise Client” which is just the connection GUI and not a server. Scroll down to Enterprise Client to get the client for your OS,

    You can also disable the Whiteboard, the following tells you what to edit in the configuration files on the server:

    You say that you would prefer an Enterprise Server installation. If you were using NX Enterprise Server in version 3, you have downloaded the correct product: Terminal Server for Linux. This is the replacement to NX Enterprise Server 3.5.0.



    Hello, Thanks for the quick support. But I’m looking for a way to install Linux on the mesh only the server. The server without the client. You should be able to intrude through window on the Linux machine without the possibility to intrude again on a different machine from the Linux machine. Therefore I need an installation for the Linux machine without the client. Named by you package includes the server and the client. A user who has connected to the Linux machine that will not have the ability to intrude from there, to other machines. I would like the client to switch “Browse connection and New connection” disable.

    Should not go, then I‘ll probably put in the node.cfg the switch “DisplayMonitorIcon 0″. With the disadvantage that the user does other useful features.

    Thanks again


    The client could be disabled by replacing the file ‘/usr/NX/bin/nxplayer.bin’ with a script doing only this:


    exit 255

    The old file can be renamed and have permissions that don’t allow users to execute it.

    This change will affect the NoMachine tray menu because
    a) the menu items related to session starting will no longer work
    b) the configuration of the server/node with the ‘Server preferences’ dialog will no longer apply the changes

    Note that at every software update you will need to carry out this operation.We’ll see how disabling of the client can be made better.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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