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    Hello, I’ve been a NoMachine user for several years on Linux, Windows 10, and iMac. I have a problem with Windows 11 as a server and Windows 10 or iMac as a client. Even on a local wifi network.

    Does this come from Windows 11 which I have recently known?

    The attached connection log

    Thanks for the help


    NoMachine on Windows 11 is tested well in our labs and we aren’t aware of any issues with not being able to connect. Did you reboot after installation?

    Also, you mention you also tried on your local network. Was the Windows 11 computer visible in the Player’s Machines panel when connecting from either the iMac or the Win10 computers?

    Please submit a screenshot of the dialog message that appears when you try to connect to the Windows 11 computer. Logs from the Windows 11 host would also be useful. You can extract them using the instructions here and sending them to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.


    Thank you for your prompt response.
    Yes, the computers have been restarted and several times.
    Yes, Windows 11 appears well on the iMac
    I am attaching 2 screens of the iMac with the trace of the Acer (Windows 11) and also the .nx directory and its tree structure on the server.
    If that’s not enough I’ll get the server logs
    I specify that Windows 11 is of the “Family” type.
    To read you


    And I add the Log Archive


    Still without a solution, I renewed the installations of NoMachine and I found that when installing NoMachine on the Windows11 (server) there appears a message indicating that it is not possible to install the user NX, while by netplwiz it does appear as created. The message disappears if the NX user is created before. But the deal still doesn’t work.
    Is it possible to connect me with a NoMachine user on Windows 11 who has not encountered any issues?
    I can, if you wish, send you another log of your choice
    Windows 11 vs. iMac
    Windows11 vs. Windows10


    Hello bge22

    Looks like you have a problem with creating a profile of user nx.
    There are 2 possible reason:

    1. Do you use domain users/LDAP/ActiveDirectory? Do you have non
    standard restrictions for users?

    2. It’s possible that default user profile on your host might be
    corrupted. You can try to create few user accounts and check if
    it’s possible to login on their desktops. If you experience any
    problems, please refer to this Stack Overflow thread:


    Hello Zaq
    The second hypothesis is confirmed: this Windows11 was initially installed by a user who did not want a password (sic) but when he learned that the password was essential for NoMachine he manipulated the directories and the user initial.
    I reinstalled Windows11 without losing user data and NoMachine works perfectly in a local network but above all also in a remote network.
    Thanks for your help

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