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    I’m interested in capturing the history of remote sessions. Is there a built-in feature that can reveal the time and duration of each NoMachine session?

    Any feedback would be most appreciated. ✌️


    I’d also like to know what the operating system version was of the remote hosts, assuming that’s captured somewhere in the client logs?


    Session history is available. For more details see here:

    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver --history --client-platform

    Display Username  Remote IP Session ID                      Date                
    ------- --------- --------- -------------------------------- ------------------- 
    1003    nomachine 232E14CB00F250F404170DF788A5FFB7 2020-04-07 15:42:33 
    Status    Node           Type     Client platform
    Connected localhost:4000 shadow   linux
    --history [<sessionid> | <username> | <node:port> | clear]
              [--client-type] [--client-version] [--client-platform]
              [--stats] [ --file <file>]

    Thanks @britgirl

    That may be the answer for the OP, but I’m interested in learning the server’s OS version (sorry, I called it the remote host since the server is remote from the client’s point of view).

    So to reword, does the client keep any OS information about the servers it connects to in logs etc?


    When a client connects to a remote host, it stores certain information in the session file. It is enough to connect once to be able to store what OS the client connected to. Next time you open NoMachine on your client, the recent connections panel will show the details of the session, including the OS, which was started.

    The client logs will store the same information.


    Thanks again @britgirl

    Not exactly what I was after.  The Recent Connections just shows the OS type (eg Windows), not version info (eg, Windows 10 Build #, Windows 7 SP# etc).

    Also I discovered that a fresh install has “Don’t delete log files on exit” unticked as default  So if there was any info there, its now gone for my old sessions.

    No matter, I’ve ticked the box and will hopefully have the info from now on at the client end.


    Sorry, I thought I had put a link on “client logs” to that document…. Yes, it’s unticked by default. Having it ticked would mean the majority of users fill up their NoMachine folder with log files that they probably don’t need.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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