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    NoMachine version on local Windows 10: free 6.0.66
    NoMachine version on remote Mac Sierra 10.12.6: free 6.0.66

    I’m trying to share my iPhone plugged into my Windows 10 PC with my remote Sierra Mac.

    NoMachine is saying that the iPhone device is successfully being shared:
    However, I don’t see the device on the Mac. For example, there is no iPhone in iTunes.

    I also found this post “Problem with USB forwarding of iPhone to Mac OS X”:

    But I can’t complete the second step because the Mac doesn’t seem to see the iPhone: “Using NoMachine forward iPhone to MacOSX and authorize OSX machine on iPhone.”



    We forwarded iPhone from Windows 10 to Mac 10.12.6 in our lab without any issues.

    I can suggest you to update iTunes to latest version, or reinstall it if it’s already latest version installed.

    Note that before forwarding you need to connect your iPhone to Windows and authenticate it from iPhone. And only after that try to forward if with NoMachine.

    Try connecting your iPhone to Windows where you have iTunes installed. Afterwards uninstall iTunes from Windows. Then forward your iPhone via NoMachine.

    Also please try forwarding any another USB device (i.e. Flash Drive) to your Mac to be sure that forwarding works well on your machines.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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