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    I am new to NoMachine, as in all of 2 hours ago I found its very existence. I used to be a LogMeIn guy, but then they cheaped out so I moved to TeamViewer and I kept getting nastygrams every time I connect saying “commercial use suspected”. Obviously I could pay, but for what I use it for, the price would be astronomical.

    I basically use it as a backup to Labtech – for which I already pay a fortune. Labtech’s remote control however can be a bit finicky and when I am on project, I like to have unfettered access without having to be onsite. So I load it up for the 50 – 100 – 200 hours I’m using it for and then remove it when it goes into production.

    Anyway, I am using it to connect to my new servers which are virtual on a pair of VMWare hosts. It works perfectly on the PDC which is windows server 2012 r2, but on the windows 8.1 management computer I keep getting an error 108. Even FROM the PDC. I did the remote port forwarding myself on the SonicWall.

    I can get to the management box on TeamViewer just fine. I can use !M to get to the PDC no problem through the firewall. Just can’t keep a connection to the management box.

    I have horsepower, 8 1GbE nics teamed, 24 cores, 128 GB ram. The PDC has 6 VPUs, 6GB of ram. The management box has 4GB ram and 4 VPUs.


    Hi, are you able to submit logs to us? Instructions on how to extract them are here:

    If the files are not too big, you can attach them here, otherwise you will need to send them to issues[at] Our developers will take a look to see what’s going wrong.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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