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    I have just installed MX Linux on a desktop machine and I then installed NoMachine to remote desktop into it.

    On my host machine I am using Windows 10.

    Initially I had no issues but after maybe 10m or so, the connection became incredibly slow.

    If I type anything it take 3 to 4 seconds to appear on the screen, same thing with the mouse clicking.

    As mentioned this did not start like that… I am not sure what I could have possibly done to make this so slow.

    Can anyone provide some guidance?


    I assume you are using the latest version of NoMachine. What version of Linux MX are you using? It’s not clear if it’s the server or client, so please clarify. In any case, we checked with the latest 19.3 in our labs and didn’t have any issues.

    Is it headless? Check this article for some useful tips:

    How to solve black screen and other possible problems on headless machines



    It is the latest version of MX and also of NoMachine.

    It does work very well initially but after maybe 10m or 15m the quality of the connection degrades immensely.

    I don’t think there is any issue with the network because I am also using remote desktop to connect to another windows machine on the same network, and that connection is always solid.

    The Linux machine does have a monitor attached and I use the machine directly there are no issues. I experienced this issue with other remote desktop clients for Linux, this is why I am unsure if this is something to do with Linux or the protocol that is being used.

    What is funny is how well everything works in the beginning but then just degrades.


    Hi AcsPrime,

    The fact that you also see this behaviour with other remote desktop tools suggests that it’s probably unrelated to NoMachine.  Check CPU usage and also memory to see what processes are in use.



    So I just booted up my machine, started htop and then connected via NoMachine, I have attached a screenshot of htop.

    It’s not a huge spike but it seems to be hitting all cores.

    Not sure if this is good or bad, to be honest, but I’ll be monitoring this.

    Thank you for the advice.


    Ok, so I left NoMachine running in the background, still connected to the Linux machine.

    The response is now super slow. I click on the “start up” button and it takes 5 secs to respond (see the animation of the button being pressed and the menu showing up).

    I have attached a screenshot of htop.



    CPU and memory usage are very low, so this really seems like a network problem. You can try to test this by using the ‘ping’ command towards the server during the slow down, or by transferring a file from the server to the client with any other tool. You can also try to gather NoMachine session statistics (run the menu panel within the session by Ctrl+Alt+0 or click on the page peel, click on Connection, then click on ‘Take the statistics’).


    I will try that! Thanks


    This might have been the Linux distro MX Linux.

    I have now installed Linux Lite and so far I have had zero issues.

    Thanks for all the help!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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