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    In NoMachine v4, release notes :

    The NX protocol supports both password and key based authentication methods. Support for Kerberos and smartcard authentication will be coming soon. Once implemented, key-based authentication for the NX protocol will mirror the SSH implementation meaning that you can insert the key for NX protocol just as you do with SSH.

    It was in 2013.

    Is there plans for smart card support with NX protocol ? We don’t want to use sshd, because it allows users to have other usage. Is there a solution with NX protocol (example : smart card sharing ?)..




    Yes, there is plans to implement the same for smart card.


    Kerberos support is already complete for the server side. GUI-wise there are some changes that need to be considered.


    Good to know Britgirl.  However, I am a bit disappointed that it is considered a “low” priority.  Many business and organizations are rapidly moving to two-factor smartcard authentication and I would think it would be a higher priority, particularly if they are making go/no-go purchase decision in the near future.

    Our regional organization is evaluating different Linux remote desktop solutions for about 35 field offices with several hundred clients and this is a required feature.  Successful use of the smartcard for remote access could very well drive the expansion to the other regions and headquarters with the potential of thousands of clients, etc.


    I’ve had it raised 🙂 Low priority was inappropriate considering that under the bonnet it’s already done. Additionally, it should match its Kerberos FR counterpart which was inserted with high priority.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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