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    We have a need to scan in NFC tags onto our remote server. Remote is relative since it lives in the same network but we need to be able to assign tags into our app from our desk to avoid moving back and forth constantly.

    I was trying to do the following:

    While also allowing smartcards over RDP via group policy, but it seems RDP will not allow this regardless of what we turn on. That is where I thought NoMachine would come in handy, however when I select the smartcard option on our Server from the menu the whole remote session crashes out. Would really love some help on this. Happy to submit logs too.


    Edit: I was able to get the smartcard to show up by changing ScDeviceEnum service (Smart Card Device Enumeration Service) to enabled. But now I am still not seeing it in device manager. So I still need help.




    Have you tried forwarding the Smart Card as a USB device? To do that, you could go to Devices -> Connect USB Device, and then select SMC reader for the local devices list and click connect.

    That will disconnect the SMC reader from local devices and will connect it to the remote server, as it’s physically connected to it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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