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    Hi all,

    first of all thank you for this amazing product. Coming from [removed], NoMachine put remote desktop to another level. Great!!

    I have two main problems with a server running Win10 and connecting with client on Win10.

    1. Every time I try to access the Win10 configuration screens, that is clicking in the right down corner the notification icon -> all settings, these windows appears correctly but can not be scrolled. If i try to scroll them down, I can see from the mouse pointer that the window was correctly scrolled, but it was not graphically updated so that there is some overlay of the “true” status of window (sensed by the mouse) and what can be seen on screen. In practice, it appears that this kind of window (of the config app in Win10) are not correctly drawn. Is there something I can do?

    2. Starting a game from Google Play, the same gives a black screen. Sound is ok and again, mouse inputs are taken correctly but screen is completely black. Something I am missing here? Is the game in overlay and thus not displayed?

    Thank you very much for help!



    Hi there! Thanks for your feedback. Just so it’s clear why there is that “removed” there, we remove all mentions (positive and negative) of competing products, so we can stay as neutral as possible 😉

    So we can investigate, we need to have a clear picture of how you are using NoMachine and what you are seeing/experiencing.

    Can you send us a video showing problem #1?  (you can send this to our email forum[at]nomachine[dot]com if you prefer).
    Can you tell us if the remote PC (the NoMachine server) is headless (no monitor attached) or if it’s a laptop with the lid closed?
    Can you tell us whether problem #2 occurs with every game? If if it occurs with a specific game, which game is it?


    Dear all,

    only wanted to specify that I found the solution. After testing with other machines where all worked flawlessy, the problem in my case was the lid closed. Although the system remain awake (no action taken by Win10 on lid closed), the screen goes indeed off and this was the culprit. Keeping the lid open, all works as it should.

    problem solved.

    Thank you.


    Thanks for letting us know.

    If you need to hide what’s on the screen, you can enable screen blanking in the Security section of the Server Settings.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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