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    Server: Windows 11 x64, NoMachine 8.8.1

    Client: Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma, Kernel 6.1.53,  NoMachine 8.8.1

    My remote session works perfect, except for sound. What I am trying to do is, to use my headset on my client, and while connected, mute mic/speakers on my server.

    Server Settings > Enable audio streaming and microphone fwd (checked)
    Audio settings > Enable streaming > My Audio device on Linux, Mute audio on the server (checked)
    Audio settings > Microphone input > Forward microphone > My Audio device on Linux

    Sound on both devices (with this setup, sound works perfect when using the laptop directly) :
    Windows Audio > Playback > Realtek Audio
    Windows Audio > Recording > AMD Audio devic

    No sound on any device:
    Windows Audio > Playback > NoMachine Microphone Adapter (???)
    Windows Audio > Recording > NoMachine Microphone Adapter

    Can someone explain what am I doing wrong here?



    In the NoMachine session the  default voice device should be NoMachine Microphone Adapter and the default audio device should be one of your audio devices. If NoMachine Microphone Adapter sets automatically as the default speaker, please let us know so we can fix this issue.

    On several Windows machines audio drivers don’t allow capturing raw data – in that situation NoMachine receives only processed data (i.e. muted data). We mute the server by default, so if your audio driver doesn’t send us raw data, then we are not able to play sound on the client.

    Fortunately, there is a simple workaround for your issue. You can install manually the NoMachine Audio Adapter and set it as the default device when using NoMachine. Please follow the steps from this article:



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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