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    @Bilbotine – thanks! That article is what we started with – I am connecting to a physical session, and I do have pipewire configured and working



    We recently added some changes to handle PipeWire better in physical sessions. They will be present in upcoming version. Although you should be able to hear audio in physical session with your NoMachine version and configuration. Here are some things to check:

    1. Check if you are able to use pw-cli. If you don’t have pw-cli for some reasons, NoMachine chooses to connect to pulseaudio, assuming that you don’t have pipewire installed. pw-cli should be installed by default, together with PipeWire.

    2. If NoMachine tries to connect to pulseaudio, it creates unix sockets in .nx/nxdevice/D-*/audio/. These sockets are called cli.socket and native.socket. In the upcoming version they don’t exist if you use PipeWire as your audio server, but I’m not sure how this works in the current release version . They are removed while disconnecting, so please connect to your server and go to the directory .nx/nxdevice/D-<display>-<session-ID>/audio.

    I hope this will help somehow. I would appreciate any information, maybe I will need to fix something in the part of our code that checks what audio server is used.



    Hi @kubaszym1 – thanks a lot for your response – looking forward to the upcoming version.

    As for the current version – I have 8.4.2 on client and server – I also do have pw-cli under ‘/usr/bin/pw-cli’

    When it comes to sockets and their creation – the log says:

    2580686 2580686 2023-03-22 12:17:40 653.053 NXNODE   Starting audio service with session type ‘physicalAttachDesktop’.
    2580686 2580686 2023-03-22 12:17:40 653.091 NXNODE   Audio is enabled in configuration.
    2580686 2580686 2023-03-22 12:17:40 653.143 NXNODE   AUDIO returning 5:9:opus:fifo-/home/user/.nx/nxdevice/D-1002-70F1C3A3919CFF56CD4C4CE8603E2F64/audio/audio_in.fifo:1.
    2580686 2580686 2023-03-22 12:17:40 653.199 NXNODE   AUDIO returning 5:11:speex:fifo-/home/user/.nx/nxdevice/D-1002-70F1C3A3919CFF56CD4C4CE8603E2F64/audio/voice_out.fifo:1.
    2580686 2580686 2023-03-22 12:17:40 653.352 NXNODE   NXOptionsFile: Created options string ‘nx/nx,keyboard=evdev/en_US,cpus=6,threads=auto,priority=realtime,client=winnt,servercopysize=0,clientcopysize=0,audioin=5:9:opus:fifo-/home/user/.nx/nxdevice/D-1002-*****/audio/audio_in.fifo:1,voiceout=5:11:speex:fifo-/home/user/.nx/nxdevice/D-1002-*****/audio/voice_out.fifo:1,volume=0,devicesmartcard=1,deviceports=1,devicenetwork=1,legacykb=0,slave=1,cache=16M,images=64M,link=9,type=physical-desktop,clipboard=both,cleanup=0,accept=,product=LS/None,shmem=1,backingstore=1,shpix=1,cookie=*****,id=ginaz-1002-*****,render=1,multipass=1,networkadaptive=0,encryption=1,proxy=8/8,monitor=9,rtremotehost=,rtremoteport=4000,rtlocalport=4011,rtsession=25,rtkey=*****,rtiv=*****,rekey=32G,deblock=1,downsampling=0,mode=1,shadowmode=2,shadowuid=1000,shading=1,shadow=:1001:1002\n’.
    2580686 2580686 2023-03-22 12:17:40 653.436 NXNODE   NXOpen FD#10 – file /home/user/.nx/node/C-ginaz-1002-70F1C3A3919CFF56CD4C4CE8603E2F64/options with mode 1089 and permissions 384 from main::create_user_readable_only_file.
    2580686 2580686 2023-03-22 12:17:40 653.483 NXNODE   libnxh::NXFileMode(/home/user/.nx/node/C-ginaz-1002-70F1C3A3919CFF56CD4C4CE8603E2F64/options, 384)
    2580686 2580686 2023-03-22 12:17:40 653.527 NXNODE   libnxh::NXFileMode returns ‘0’.
    2580686 2580686 2023-03-22 12:17:40 653.562 NXNODE   file ‘/home/user/.nx/node/C-ginaz-1002-70F1C3A3919CFF56CD4C4CE8603E2F64/options’ opened for appending: FD [10]
    2580686 2580686 2023-03-22 12:17:40 653.639 NXNODE   written to file ‘/home/user/.nx/node/C-ginaz-1002-70F1C3A3919CFF56CD4C4CE8603E2F64/options’ bytes ‘nx/nx,keyboard=evdev/en_US,cpus=6,threads=auto,priority=realtime,client=winnt,servercopysize=0,clientcopysize=0,audioin=5:9:opus:fifo-/home/user/.nx/nxdevice/D-1002-*****/audio/audio_in.fifo:1,voiceout=5:11:speex:fifo-/home/user/.nx/nxdevice/D-1002-*****/audio/voice_out.fifo:1,volume=0,devicesmartcard=1,deviceports=1,devicenetwork=1,legacykb=0,slave=1,cache=16M,images=64M,link=9,type=physical-desktop,clipboard=both,cleanup=0,accept=,product=LS/None,shmem=1,backingstore=1,shpix=1,cookie=******,id=ginaz-1002-*****,render=1,multipass=1,networkadaptive=0,encryption=1,proxy=8/8,monitor=9,rtremotehost=,rtremoteport=4000,rtlocalport=4011,rtsession=25,rtkey=*****,rtiv=*****,rekey=32G,deblock=1,downsampling=0,mode=1,shadowmode=2,shadowuid=1000,shading=1,shadow=:1001:1002\n’

    and while it refers to creating those sockets – there is no audio under /home/user/.nx/D-1002-*/ – there is only cups, disk and printer.

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